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4x4 Greenhouse Aluminium PolyCarbonate Silver Free Base Clip-less Twin Wall FREE Rainwater Kit

4x4 Greenhouse Aluminium PolyCarbonate Silver Free Base Clip-less Twin Wall FREE Rainwater Kit

4x4 foot Greenhouse



4x4 foot Silver Greenhouse

FREE Rainwater Kit - We are delighted to be able to include a free kit to collect your rainwater 

Special offer! When you buy one of our greenhouses you can have an automatic window opener at a discounted price


  • Enjoy your healthy and tasty home produce earlier in the year and get your seedlings and cutting off to an early start
  • Strong aluminium frame - no rust
  • Polycarbonate panels that slide into the frame -
    • 4mm thick
    • Double glazed, twin wall for extra insulation
    • Extra support, durability & warmth
    • UV stabilised to prolong the life of the panels
    • Light weight and shatter resistant - Safe for children and the less steady on their feet
    • Frosted glazing to diffuse the suns harsh rays
  • Guttering system - you can use the rainwater kit to collect the rain water in a butt for your plants, flowers & veggies
  • Protected from the fading of UV light
  • Sliding door which can be hung on either side
  • Window for excellent ventilation
  • No fiddly clips
  • Strong galvanized steel base frame
    • Included in the price, no hidden extras
    • This component sits between the ground and your greenhouse
    • The base comes with 4 legs that can be used 3 different ways -
    • Bury the legs in the ground and fill with concrete
    • Build a plinth to raise the height of your greenhouse and secure the base to the plinth
    • Cut the legs off and screw the base directly on to a concrete or slabbed area
When you open your boxes you will find

  • Silver aluminium frame
  • Polycarbonate panels
  • Steel base frame
  • Instructions
  • All required fittings
  • The greenhouse is delivered in two packages so they may arrive separately

About your FREE Rainwater Kit
  • 2 rainwater kits for your greenhouse
  • Easily slides onto 14mm wide gutters
  • Don't waste a drop of fresh rainwater and make your greenhouse work even harder for you
  • This kit includes - 
    • 2 x down pipes
    • 2 x connector clips
    • 2 x end connectors
    • 2 x end stoppers

In Stock for Next Working Day Delivery from our Staffordshire Warehouse