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How To Build an Aluminium Greenhouse

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Erecting your Aluminium Greenhouse – For the reluctant DIY’er and competent handyman

We have all been there, you finally take the plunge and order your brand new greenhouse and wait expectantly for it to arrive. Better still you can save a lot of money if you put your aluminium greenhouse up yourself. Finally the big day comes and you want to get started right away so you can start filling it with all your lovely plugs, pots, plants, and seedlings....but wait! First read this for the best guide to erecting your 4x46x4, 6x6 or 6x8 greenhouse quickly and efficiently....the first time
Ok, I’ll start with the obvious ones, they may sound simple but get these wrong and you may find yourself pulling your hair out
  • Choose a site that is as sheltered as you can get for your plot, gale force winds are not your greenhouses friend! The shelter will also keep the temperature up inside your greenhouse at your most important times in spring and autumn
  • Your best bet is to locate your greenhouse so you can fit all the way around it so that you can keep the panels clean, if it’s next to a path make sure you leave space to fit through with a wheelbarrow
  • Clear any overhanging branches and avoid growth overhead where possible. This will prevent leaves clogging your gutters, sap and insects dirtying your panels, and allow the maximum amount of light and warmth into your aluminium greenhouse
  • Get your base area ready, it needs to be nice and flat (use a spirit level) and if you are digging a foundation you can do this beforehand. To make sure your base is square rather than a parallelogram measure across the diagonals, these should be equal
  • Some people put down a stone, brick or wooden foundation to screw the base into for extra wind protection
  • If you are tight on space erect your aluminium greenhouse and base where you have plenty of room. Without the panels you will then be able to lift it to its correct location
  • Make sure you erect your greenhouse on a calm day, trying to fit panels in any kind of breeze will just make everything more difficult
  • When you open your box make sure you have all the correct bits
  • Read the instructions carefully, and then read them again!
  • Have a helper on hand, even a confident DIY’er will need a second pair of hands at some point
  • Make sure you have given yourself enough time to build your greenhouse. Some of our customers can do it in 4 hours others take a couple of days. To give yourself the best chance start early in the morning to reduce the chance of having to leave it mid way (and letting nature have a go at it!)

That’s all I’ve got time for right now but good luck and have fun. I’ll be back with the next stage of putting your aluminium greenhouse. Just scroll down!

Building your Aluminium Greenhouse - the final stage!

Congratulations. You are now ready to erect your Aluminium Greenhouse...and you might be feeling just a tiny bit nervous!

Don't worry, it can look a bit daunting but by taking your time, having a little patience, and some common sense you'll have it finished in no time

Tools required
·        Instructions
·        Spirit level
·        Screw driver
·        Tape measure
·        Small size socket set
·        Hammer
·        8mm Spanner
·        Lubricant
·        Silicon sealent
·        2nd pair of hands
·        Gloves

You may not need some of the items on the tools list and you might find other tools that really help, let me know if you do and I'll add it to the list

First off your Greenhouse is made of Aluminium and is therefore versatile, long lasting, and importantly at this stage it's light weight. The panels whilst large are going to be fairly easy to move around and put in position with a helper

Start by gathering all your nuts, bolts, and fixings in a large box. This will help you to keep them all in one place and make it much less likely that you will drop a crucial bolt on the grass where it will no doubt vanish in the blink of an eye!

Check the instructions and lay out your components in the order you are going to need to fit them

When you are laying out your base make sure your door piece has the groove at the front, sounds obvious now but trust me many a DIY'er has fallen at this first hurdle. Equally important, put your door grove on the side you want to fit your door. I received a lovely email from a customer who loved his greenhouse but felt it a shame we had fitted the door at the back!
Follow each step closely and keep checking back to make sure you are still on the right track. Trust me, back tracking can be really difficult and frustrating!

Use the lubricant to help you slide the components together, it's not essential but will make it that bit easier, especially for the gutters

Before inserting each panel apply some silicon sealant at the bottom of the frame, and again at the top, this will help to prevent mold growing inside the double glazing and looking unsightly. Once you have your aluminium greenhouse built add some silicon sealant all around the polycarbonate panels to help insulate your greenhouse and prevent wind from blowing inside

The guttering on the greenhouse gives you the ideal water collection point, just pop a water butt underneath

Other additions to your greenhouse can include heaters, irrigation systems, fans, window vent openers, thermostat, thermometer, and staging or shelving
You're nearly on your way to tasty home grown grub or beautiful blooms, have fun

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